My Long-Term Care Plan

Talking to your children / parents about Long-Term Care can be difficult.
None of us likes to think about the possibility that we will have to rely on someone else to take care of us someday. 
The sooner you start talking about Long-Term Care, the more time you'll have to plan for it and the easier it will be to keep emotions out of the conversation.

Here is how to start the conversation before the need arises:

"If something happens, do you have a plan?"

or "If something happens, here is my plan"




 Click here to print a blank PDF copy of My Long-Term care Plan

that can be filled out:



Financial Notebook:

This notebook, when completed, will hold all of the important documents in one place.

If the notebook is for you, then if you become ill and unable to make decisions, or take care of your financial responsibilities the person who is your authorized representative will have what they need to:

1. Pay your bills

2. Know what bills to pay and how you pay them.

3. If the need arises for Medicaid Long-Term Care, the documents you need for the application will be in this notebook. 

To Purchase the Financial Notebook Kit: 

Fill out your email and payment information below and you should receive a downloadable PDF attachment in the email you provided.

Please be sure to check your spam/junk folder if you don't see it in your inbox.


Additional Items needed:

  1. 2" Binder (1)
  2. Dividers (5)
  3. Sheet Protectors (approx. 25)

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