Free Long-Term Care Educational Classes

Free Long-Term Care Educational Classes


Medicaid Long-Term Care - How the Myths and Misunderstandings can hurt you and your assets.

Come and learn how Medicaid Long-Term Care works, and clear up some of the myths and half truths that are often shared by well-intentioned friends and family members. 

Also, learn what you can do now, to help you become better prepared in case you or a loved one ends up needing Long-Term Care.

 We will answer questions like the following:  

  • What is Long-Term Care?
  • Will I need Long-Term Care?
  • Where can I get Long-Term Care?
  • I thought Medicare paid for Long-Term Care.
  • Will the VA help me?
  • I heard that we have to spend down all of our assets to qualify for Medicaid Long-Term Care.
  • Should we give our money to our children in order to qualify for Medicaid Long-Term care?
  • What is a 5-year lookback?
  • What is a Spend Down?


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